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Your Questions Answered About Storage Facilities

Benefits Of Renting Space At A Storage Facility For Your Water Sports Equipment

by Susan Beck

If you're an avid water sports enthusiast who packs up a significant amount of gear each weekend for a trip to the lake, it's useful to consider a different type of storage solution for all these items. While you may be used to keeping your boat, jet skis, inner tubes, wake boards and other assorted items on your own property, it can be advantageous to store it all in a unit at your local self-storage business instead. Provided that there's a facility that is conveniently located to your home, there are a number of benefits to keeping all this gear in this new location. Here are some benefits to consider.

Freeing Up Space At Home

Perhaps the biggest benefit of storing your water sports equipment in a storage unit instead of at home is that doing so will free up space in your garage, basement and yard. Storage units are available in so many different sizes that you can easily find one that will house all your equipment, giving you more storage space at home for other possessions. For example, if you've customarily been hanging inner tubes, wake boards, life jackets and an assortment of other related accessories on the walls of your garage, you'll now have room for other items that you can use around home.

Better Security

Another key benefit of storing the equipment related to your passion for water sports at a self-storage facility is that it will be safer. The average homeowner doesn't have room in his or her garage to store a boat or a pair of jet skis on a trailer, which means that they're customarily left in the driveway or side yard. This location can be a concern, as they could possibly be stolen by anyone with a truck and a hitch. At a self-storage facility, these items will be locked away in your unit and kept out of sight. Additionally, these facilities feature advanced security systems, including video cameras, resulting in a low risk of theft.

You're Traveling Anyway

It might not make sense to keep items that you need at home in a storage facility, but this is the perfect location for water sports equipment because you're traveling with it anyway. Whether you hitch up your boat to your truck and load your life jackets at home or at a self-storage facility near your home is immaterial, given that you'll be taking all the gear to a nearby body of water. If you can pick a storage business that is directly on the route, you won't even have to make a detour to load up everything.

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