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Your Questions Answered About Storage Facilities

Preparing Your Boat For Winter Storage

by Susan Beck

It's common for boat owners that live in colder climates to store their boats ashore during the winter months, since they don't typically use the boat when the weather is cold. Storing your boat ashore keeps it protected from potentially harsh water conditions and winter weather. Check out these tips to learn what you need to do to prepare your boat for winter storage.

Change the Oil

Any water or acids that may have gotten into you oil tank can be corrosive if left for extended periods of time. So, you definitely don't want to leave dirty oil in your boat over the winter months. Take the time to flush out the engine, change the oil filter, and fill the boat's oil container with fresh oil to help prevent your engine parts from corroding during the winter.

Fill the Gas Tank

Condensation can form in empty gas tanks, which can cause the tank itself to corrode if left for an extended amount of time. If the condensation collects and freezes, it could cause other problems as well. To prevent issues, fill the gas tank and pour a bottle of gasoline stabilizer into the tank before storing your boat for the winter. Not only will this help prevent damage, but your boat will already be prepared for its first spring outing.

Wash and Wax the Boat

Before storing your boat for the winter, you need to wash it completely and wax the boat's exterior — especially if the boat will be stored outside and covered. The wax will help prevent rust from corroding the body of your boat.

Use a Boat Cover

If you're storing your boat outside, cover it using a cover that's specifically designed for the type of boat that you own. This way, you know that the inside of your boat is protected from dirt, snow, ice, and anything else that could ruin the boat's interior. You don't want to use a cover or plastic sheeting that isn't designed for boats, because it may not be fitted properly or hold up against outside elements as well.

Ultimately, storing your boat ashore for the winter isn't difficult. Sure, it takes some time to prepare the boat for storage, but by preparing it for the harsh winter weather in advance, you help ensure your boat remains in good condition. The good news is, by winterizing your boat before storing it, you won't need to do as much work to prepare your boat in the spring. For more advice on how to properly store your boat for the winter, contact a company that provides boat storage services, such as Sentry Mini-Storage Inc.