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Your Questions Answered About Storage Facilities

Carport Weather-Proofing Tips

by Susan Beck

It can be a challenge to protect your car from weather if your home doesn't have a garage. Fortunately, a carport is a viable alternative if you have your own driveway. For a small investment, you can provide cover for your vehicle and prevent it from becoming damaged when it's parked at your house. The following can help you get the most from your carport.

Choose the right type

Tarp or canvas carports with lightweight PVC frames are advertised as inexpensive and easy to erect because they are lightweight. This can be a problem since they are more prone to blowing away in high winds or simply collapsing on your car due to the weight of rain, snow, or hail. It's much better to invest in a little higher quality. A metal frame carport with a tarp cover is sturdier, although the tarp can become damaged. For the best protection, opt for a metal frame with a metal carport awning, since this can hold up to nearly any type of weather. The longevity of this type of carport makes the extra cost well justified.

Opt for the side panels

Stock model carports are open on the sides, with only the top covered. This can allow rain and wind-blown debris to pummel the side of your vehicle. If there is sun exposure, you may also find that the paint or upholstery fades on the side with the most exposure. You can have panels affixed to the sides of the carport that will further close it in and prevent these types of weathering damage. Either have the panels applied to one end, and both sides of the carport for full coverage, or only apply the panels to the sides most likely to suffer sun exposure or that are on the windward side of the structure.

Keep the cover sealed

Metal carports are typically galvanized and sealed to prevent against rust and corrosion. You can further ensure this doesn't become an issue by applying a new coating of a clear sealant every year or two. Failure of a coating and rust is most likely to occur on the bolts that hold the carport together, so make sure to inspect these annually for any signs of rust. Replace them if you spot an issue. The rubber washers beneath these bolts may also eventually fail, which can lead to leaks. If you notice one failing, replace it promptly so that water doesn't drip onto your car below.

For additional reading, talk to a carport dealer in your area.