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Your Questions Answered About Storage Facilities

What Can You Store In A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit?

by Susan Beck

A climate-controlled self-storage unit is a perfect place to store your belongings when you don't have the space to keep them at home. These units are climate-controlled, which means they are kept at consistent temperature and humidity levels.

They can help protect your belongings from damage caused by extreme weather conditions. Take a look at some of the things you can store in a climate-controlled self-storage unit.


Most people don't give much thought to where they store their electronics, as long as they're not in the way. But if you want your electronics to last, store them in a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Extreme temperature can damage electronic components, causing them to expand and contract. These changes can lead to weak spots that are more susceptible to breaking or leaking. In addition, humidity can cause corrosion, which can ruin circuit boards and other sensitive components. By storing your electronics in a climate-controlled unit, you can protect them from these damaging effects.

Self-storage units also provide an extra level of security for your electronics. Units are typically well-lit and have security features like cameras and alarms, making it difficult for thieves to break in and steal your belongings. And because units are typically located off-site from your home or office, they're less likely to be damaged in the event of an on-site fire or flood.

All these factors make self-storage an ideal solution for protecting your valuable electronics.

Delicate Artwork

If you have any paintings or photographs that are particularly sentimental to you or have great value, it's best to store them in a climate-controlled self-storage unit. The climate control setting can prevent warping and fading that can occur when stored in extreme temperatures.

Likewise, if you have any family heirlooms made of delicate materials such as porcelain or glass, consider keeping them in climate-controlled storage. These items are often irreplaceable, so you need to take extra care of them.

If you're not sure whether your climate-controlled self-storage unit is set to the ideal temperature and humidity for your artwork, you can always ask the staff at the self-storage facility. They should be able to give you more information about the climate conditions in the unit.

A climate-controlled self-storage unit is a great place to store your belongings, especially if you have items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures or humidity. These units are typically set to the ideal temperature and humidity levels for storage, making them ideal for electronics, artwork, and other delicate items.